Aruna Miller for Maryland Congressional District 6
Delegate Aruna Miller has served the citizens of Maryland's 15th Legislative District since 2010. Maryland 6th Congressional

Some highlights of Delegate Miller's achievements:
Chair of the Women's Legislative Caucus (2017)
Delegate to the 2012 Democratic National Convention pledged to President Obama.
Led efforts for Maryland-India sister state relationship
An outspoken advocate for women’s rights
Champion of legislation to protect children and working families
1st Indian-American woman elected to the Maryland General Assembly
Founding member of the Maryland Legislative Asian-American and Pacific-Islander CaucusMaryland
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Delegate Miller currently serves on the House of Delegates Appropriations Committee where she is the:
• Chair of the Oversight Committee on Personnel
• Vice-Chair of the Capital Budget Subcommittee
• Vice-Chair of the Transportation & Environmental Subcommittee

Delegate Miller is also a member of the House of Delegates:
• Joint Committee on Cybersecurity, Information Technology and Biotechnology
• Joint Committee on Fair Practices and State Personnel Oversight

• 21st Century School Facilities Commission
Congress 6th

Delegate Miller is the Primary Sponsor of key pieces of legislation to protect children and families:
Extending the Statute of Limitations for minors to report sexual offenses
Banning the sale of e-cigarettes to minors
Banning the sale of Mephedrone, a powerful hallucinogenic drug covertly sold as bath salts
Establishing laws to enable GPS tracking of domestic abusers on Restraining Orders
Established funding and standards for rape crises centers throughout Maryland
Increasing the state-wide teleworking goals for Maryland
Maryland Congressional Candidate
Delegate Miller is a Co-Sponsor of other important legislation:
• Ending capital punishment in the state of Maryland
Establishing marriage equality in the state of Maryland
• Providing common sense background checks for gun purchases
• Increasing the minimum wage in the state of Maryland
Banning hydraulic fracking and increasing renewable energy targets

• and many more

Below are bills sponsored and co-sponsored by Delegate Aruna Miller by year:

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